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Furniture wood texture and elegant, more and more people love.

From:Dongguan Yangjia Organic Glass Co. Ltd Date:2015-1-31 21:03:32 Author:admin Hits:2080

Furniture wood texture and elegant, more and more people love. Home Furnishing life, always because of some reasons, the furniture will be dirty, how much longer feel wooden furniture brings a fresh and natural feeling? Here, Xiaobian and introduce you to the most full of wooden furniture cleaning and nursing method.

A watermark removal, furniture. Furniture because no timely wipe drip water, over a period of time, water seeping into the film voids and stored up, make the film thrown a watermark. In this case, as long as the water mark prints covered with a clean damp cloth, and then carefully with the iron ironing cloth, so that gathered in the watermark in the water will be evaporated, the watermark was gone.

Yellow, white furniture two. The surface of white paint furniture, time will turn yellow. Usable dishcloth dip toothpaste wipe, pay attention not to overexert. The two egg yolks and stir well, with a soft brush to painted yellow, dry with a soft cloth carefully wipe clean can. In addition to avoid long time sunshine point blank furniture in use. Three, furniture scratches processing. If the furniture was careful not to scratch the paint film, but did not touch the following wood, liquid wax with a soft cloth dipped with a little melted, coated on the film covering the wound, scar. To wax hardens, then coated with a layer of. So repeated Multi Coated several times, the film can be concealed scar. Four, furniture burn scar repair. If the furniture paint film is cigarette, ash or not extinguish the match material burns, leave scorch marks, but not the charred wood film below, can use a small fine lines hard cloth a chopstick head, gently wipe burn marks, and then coated with a thin layer of wax liquid, scorch marks can be removed. Grease five, wooden furniture processing. The residual tea is cleaner, good wipe, and then  a small amount of corn powder was sprayed wiping, finally the corn flour to wipe. Corn powder can absorb all adsorbed on the surface of the furniture of stolen goods, the smooth bright paint.

Six, printing ink on wooden furniture. In a water plus two copies of vinegar, with a sponge soaked in the mixture of wiping wooden furniture of the oil ink, and then clean and dry.

For long-term living in the city people, wood furniture can bring a sense of quiet, let the blundering mood to settle down. Take good care of wooden furniture, let it bring beautiful more durable.

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