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For over 16 years,Dongguan Yangjia Organic Glass Co. Ltd. has been dedicated to manufacturing the highest quality, reasonably priced, acrylic products include acrylic furniture,acrylic display and so on.The luxury acrylic pieces can be used for either residential or commercial applications.Our quality craftsmanship makes us the leader in a very competitive industry.Each and every piece of product is completely crafted by hand.All of the cutting,forming,sculpting,buffing and polishing is done with meticulous attention to detail and quality.We welcome variations to our Limited Collection as well as your own designs.

Spectrum uses only the finest quality acrylic domestically manufactured by our acrylic sheet factory.We can strictly control the quality of the board.We can guarantee that every piece of product that we manufacture will have the highest degree of optical clarity; will never yellow;and will never become milky and cloudy.Each design is sanded,buffed and polished by hand to bring out the superior optical quality of the acrylic sheet.

We specialize in custom work.Each piece is made to order,to your exact requirements and specifications.We welcome your variations to our designs as well as your own creations. Our manufacturing capabilities are virtually limitless.Just because it is not pictured does not mean we don’t or can’t make it.For special orders under time constraints,we are uniquely capable of providing fast turnaround when necessary.

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